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— Martin Luther King Jr.

Meet Gracie Lou!

Gracie Lou Who (better known as “Gracie”) is from the Houston, TX area. She was taken in by a rescue in March 2021 when she was very pregnant. She and her seven puppies traveled to Eastern Washington, so Gracie and her pups could have a chance at life.

Gracie Lou Who, office dog

Timera adopted Gracie in July 2021 after all her puppies had been adopted into loving homes. Gracie was heart-worm positive and began intensive and dangerous treatment to cure her of the potentially fatal worms. Today, Gracie has been given the “all clear” from her doctor and can run and play to her heart’s delight.

This winter, Gracie had her DNA tested. Although she doesn’t look like it, she is 50% Great Pyrenese! The other 50% is a combination of two breeds: 30% American Bulldog, and 20% Mastiff. Timera thinks Gracie definitely takes after the Mastiff in the family, as much as that is possible. You can check out her DNA profile on Embark.

Gracie and Timera keep in touch with her puppies and their adoptive parents on Facebook, and everyone can’t wait until the pandemic is over so they can have a family reunion! Until then, Gracie is living her best life as an office mascot and provider of loves, licks, and woofs—all to keep up morale, of course!